500 Startups

As a 500 Startups portfolio company, you are pre-qualified to receive 15% off funding with Arc!

Why do startups love funding with Arc?

  • Access non-dilutive funding in days, not months - Arc converts your future contracted revenue into upfront capital at the click of a button, so you can flexibly pay off expenses and invest more in growth
  • Compared to traditional financing, you benefit from real-time access to capital (no offline / manual processes!) that is less costly than both VC (no dilution) and debt (no insolvency risk)

How Arc works

  • Sync your bank accounts and accounting platform
  • Receive funding terms in 48 hours
  • Get funded 70% of your ARR today
  • Make monthly payments back over 6-12 months in equal installments

Exclusive offer for 500 Startups companies

  • 15% discount – All eligible 500 Startups companies receive 15% of their first Arc Advance financed for free!
  • Referral bonus – Refer a company to Arc and receive a $1,000 referral bonus (for you, personally!) and one for your referred friend once your referral completes an advance!

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to the Arc team at support@arc.tech

The Arc Advance allows companies to receive upfront capital for future revenue. Illustratively, a company that is approved for a $1 million Arc Advance at a 95 Arc Score (inversely correlated with Arc’s discount) with a 12 month term would receive $1 million today and repay $88k of their future revenue generated each month for the next 12 months ($1,052,632 total). Funding amount, discount, and repayment term vary based on your company’s financial profile.