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Reinventing fundraising for startups through technology

Fundraising for startups is broken.

Founders deserve better.

Why are founders forced to choose between giving up ownership and board seats or tripping debt covenants to grow? Why does it take weeks or months of time and energy to raise capital? Why is fundraising for tech startups not... tech enabled?

Arc provides premium startups with the funding alternative they deserve

We convert your future revenue into upfront capital at the click of a button, so you can flexibly pay off expenses and invest more in growth. Compared to traditional financing, you benefit from immediate access to capital that is less costly and time consuming than both VC and debt.

We founded Arc to help startups grow

The inspiration behind Arc’s mission developed long before Don, Nick, and Raven met at Stanford.  As an engineer at Facebook and Tesla, Raven noticed companies demanded a premium consumerized enterprise technology experience with sleek, easy-to-use UI for B2B SaaS products. Meanwhile, while working in investment banking and private equity in New York, Don and Nick observed that capital at a low cost is available to mature companies but the capital raising process is offline and manual. When the three co-founders moved to Palo Alto, they met hundreds of founders and learned that high quality startups don’t have easy access to low-cost capital.

Arc is on a mission to change that. At Arc we are reinventing Wall Street for Silicon Valley. By integrating with backend financial systems of our customers through our secure customer portal, we can make real-time underwriting decisions algorithmically to provide premium software companies with instant access to the capital they need to grow.

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