Arc advance plus

Premium growth capital with longer term & no-repayment period

Arc Advance Plus requires no payments for up to 6 months. Available for Arc Treasury customers.

Put your capital to work

Startups leveraging Arc Advance Plus financing can opt into a 6-month reduced payment period before amortizing the rest of their advance.

Unlock your growth potential

Allocate Arc Advance Plus funding towards anything that will help your startup grow – without waiting for board approval.

Integrate with ease

Arc integrates directly with your accounting and banking providers, and calculates funding offers based on your company’s unique financials.

Who is eligible for Arc Advance Plus financing?

Arc Advance Plus is designed specifically for high performing businesses. The lengthier repayment schedule and baked-in discount-only period require startups to have either a strong history of cash flow positive performance or significant runway in order to qualify for our unique financing offer. 

Companies who don’t qualify for AA+ may still be eligible for funding through Arc Advance.