Apr 13, 2022

Arc, a Stripe Partner, Launches Runway, to Help Software Founders Grow as Venture Capital Markets Pull Back

Arc, the full-service finance platform for software startups, launches Runway by Arc to help founders weather a volatile macro environment. As VCs and boards are encouraging already funded startups to shore up additional capital and rein in burn to extend runway until deal flow returns, Runway utilizes Arc’s proprietary ML-enriched underwriting algorithm to analyze net cash burn and cash on hand. Within 24 hours, founders are provided flexible, low-cost capital with zero dilution or debt, enabling continued operations and financial stability during volatility.

Don Muir portrait
Don MuirCo-Founder & CEO
Jan 13, 2022

The Launch of Arc: The Founder-Friendly Fintech Platform That’s Helping Startups Grow

Today, we announced Arc’s $161 million in total equity and debt funding, led by world-class investors including NFX, Bain Capital Ventures, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Torch Capital, Soma, Dreamers, Alumni Ventures, Atalaya, Stanford, and Y Combinator. 

Don Muir portrait
Don MuirCo-Founder & CEO
Dec 30, 2021

Premium Funding for Premium Startups

Arc was founded on the idea that premium startups deserve a premium funding alternative. In the past, founders were left with two options: hit the brakes on growth to extend runway OR raise fresh equity capital and put the pedal to the floor. Founders were forced to choose between accelerating growth and diluting existing employees, investors, and founders.

Don Muir portrait
Don MuirCo-Founder & CEO
Dec 21, 2021

Reinventing Wall Street for Silicon Valley

Wall Street has long been a hub of financial innovation. Silicon Valley attracts many of the brightest teams focused on pursuing technological breakthroughs. Unfortunately, even the most promising startups fly under the radar of Wall Street’s financial institutions.

Nick Lombardo portrait
Nick LombardoCo-Founder & President
Nov 04, 2021

Why I Joined Arc

While I’m a husband and father first (of six kids), I’m excited to join the Arc family. The team is amazing (and we’re hiring) and the revolution in underwriting is happening today! We’re moving fast to change the face of financing for the better.

Eric McFarland portrait
Eric McFarlandChief Credit Officer
Oct 21, 2021

Modernizing Finance

At Arc, our engineering team stands on the shoulders of giants. As a company, we set out to modernize the financing experience for founders and business owners through API integrations and a seamless user experience.

Raven Jiang portrait
Raven JiangCo-Founder & CTO
Oct 13, 2021

10 Reasons Why Founders Love Financing with Arc

Think of Arc as founder-friendly capital. We pay you upfront for your future sales, which means we’re betting on your success and we’re with you over the long-term. We believe in you.

Nick Lombardo portrait
Nick LombardoCo-Founder & President
Oct 06, 2021

The Funding Alternative You Deserve

Why are founders forced to choose between giving up ownership & board seats or tripping debt covenants in order to grow? Why does it take weeks to months of founders’ time and energy to raise capital? Why is fundraising for tech startups not… tech enabled?

Don Muir portrait
Don MuirCo-Founder & CEO