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Our Mission

Helping startups grow.

Reinventing fundraising through technology.

Arc is on a mission to improve access to capital for startups. Our customers are intent on making a difference in the world across dozens of industries and geographies. This adds to our sense of purpose and we promise our customers relentless focus and an enduring commitment to never lose our drive, creativity and sincerity so we can continue to help startups grow.



Start with the customer and work backwards. Every customer is unique, and each member of the Arc family is aligned to deliver an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Team First

Arc hires the best and brightest minds of our generation. Trust your peers and do what’s best for the team. The best idea wins regardless of where it comes from. Hold your team to the same standard that you hold yourself.

Earn Trust

Have unquestionable integrity and honesty. Listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. Be transparent and speak up early and often. Deliver on commitments.


Strive to be the best and constantly improve. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. Dive deep into the details to solve problems, not symptoms. Show up every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Bias for Action

Be proactive in identifying and solving problems. Don’t let ambiguity hinder progress. Feel empowered to make decisions, even at the risk of making a mistake. We can learn from mistakes and improve next time.


Genuinely pursue knowledge and growth. Have humility and recognize there’s always more to learn. Value new perspectives, and seek to understand fully.

Why Join Arc

As an early employee at Arc, you’ll have the opportunity to join a fast-growing company in a large, nascent market. You’ll influence key strategic decisions, shape the culture, and play a major role in the success of the team. We are a flat and lean organization where you will have the opportunity to contribute to every facet of the business.

We’re backed by top tier investors and our customers are premium growth companies who are disrupting traditional markets. You’ll interact directly with visionary founders and leaders of these companies to help them grow and fulfill their missions.

We’re growing our team with world-class talent that wants to be surrounded by other A+ players.


100% Health Coverage
(Medical, Dental, Vision)

Paid Vacation

Learning Budget

Flexible Work-From-Home Policy

Open Roles

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