Switch to Arc, Earn 5.44% APY*

Customers who open an Arc account can receive up to 5.44% APY*, with no minimum balance required to earn yield for companies who make Arc their primary operating account.**

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Partner logo

Arc has structured its cash management program through its bank partners to maximize yield and liquidity while minimizing risk.

Arc customers can allocate deposits between checking / savings accounts with Evolve (up to $250K FDIC insurance eligibility) brokerage accounts with BNY Mellon (up to $5M FDIC insurance eligibility through insured deposit sweep program), and Treasury Bills backed by the U.S. government.


Onboard in minutes

Opening an account takes minutes and our team is on standby to help ensure your application gets through as quickly as possible.

Diversify your funds

Through our bank partners, Arc provides access to a comprehensive treasury program and a dedicated relationship manager to help you allocate funds based on your objectives.

Say hello to a better cash management experience

Safely manage payments, store deposits, access financing, and earn yield all in one place.

With Arc and our bank partners, you receive:

  • Market-leading yield (up to 5.44% APY)
  • Unlimited virtual or physical debit cards
  • Fee-free ACH & Wire transfers

Non-dilutive startup funding to fuel your growth

Leverage funding from Arc to fuel your growth and make strategic investments. Get up to $10M within 48 hours by simply syncing your bank accounts and accounting system.

With Arc, you can:

  • Maintain control, given no restrictive covenants
  • Avoid dilution, given no warrants
  • Extend your runway with flexible payback terms