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The Default Alive Coalition

To help startups weather the changing macro environment, these tech companies have banded together to offer discounted capital, software, subscription and more!

Exclusive offers for members of the default alive coalition

  • Arc | 15% off on funding — All startups that join the default alive coalition will receive 15% of any funding amount interest-free. For example, if you draw $1M of funding from Arc, then $150K would be interest-free and only the remaining $850K would have our take-rate applied (4-14% based on your financials). The effect is a 15% reduction in your cost of funding!
  • Fondo | $1100 Worth of “Bookkeeping”, “Tax” and “Tax Credits” — Hello founders! As you navigate this downturn, it will be helpful to know your burn rate, runway, and detailed financial insights to make important company decisions. This doesn't have to be a cost center either, doing your books and filing your taxes can also have an ROI. Fondo can help you identify and claim various Tax Credits that can help extend your startup's runway. As you navigate these difficult economic times we're offering you $1,100 off to help you with bookkeeping, taxes, and tax credits for your startup. Learn more.
  • Morphic | 25% off of your first year on “Launch”, “Pro” or “Business tier” — ($600-$1,650 in savings) — Founders! Morphic is your creative agency-in-a-box - a no-code SaaS platform enabling non-designers to receive on-brand, world-class websites with tailored guidance in just minutes. Morphic helps companies reduce burn and scale efficiently with business-grade integrations, robust features and a platform that keeps websites at peak performance with frequent upgrades.
  • Powtoon | 15% off the world’s leading video content creation platform for HR and L&D leaders — Powtoon can help you streamline & scale your video creation capabilities so that you can create dynamic content without the need for an external agency. As you journey through these uncertain economic times, we are offering 15% off the Powtoon platform to help your organization navigate toward the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Workato | Free 30-min Workflow Automation Consultation — Workato is the leader in enterprise automation, Workato helps organizations work faster and smarter without compromising security and governance. Built for Business and IT users, Workato is trusted by over 11,000 of the world's top brands like Broadcom, Intuit, Box, Autodesk, and HubSpot.
  • Mailmodo | 50% discount on paid plans (<$2M funding), 20% extra email credits (>$2M funding) — Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution that lets you add widgets like forms, shopping carts, calendars, and a lot more right inside the emails which means no redirections and higher conversions. Here is a short introductory video. Our customers like Razorpay, Mudrex, and Hobspace have experienced a 50% to 300% increase in conversion rate after switching to Mailmodo. These are just a few examples and you can explore all such case studies.
  • Forecastr | 25% OFF your first-year subscription — Forecastr helps you create a great financial model to raise funding and make better strategic decisions for your company. With Forecastr, you will know your numbers and impress investors. You can also easily run financial scenarios to help you make better decisions about things like how much money you should raise, when to raise, when to hire, where you should focus your time and resources, etc. Forecastr helps founders be smarter and more fundable.
  • Spekit | FREE Enablement Consultation — Spekit drives the productivity and efficiency of revenue organizations by surfacing training and resources in real-time, directly within the applications teams use every day. The company is offering a FREE Enablement Consultation from their in-house enablement expert for organizations seeking to maximize the productivity of their employees and drive more revenue, faster.
  • Demostack | 15% off your first year of tailored demos for every buyer — Efficiency is crucial in today's economy, and your product demo is no exception. Demostack allows you to craft tailored demos for every sales conversation in minutes. There's no code, no hassle, and no R&D needed, so your engineers can focus on building a great product, not tweaking your demo environment. The result? Shorter sales cycles, higher win rates, increased productivity, and more revenue.


Arc is the full-service finance platform for software startups, providing founders with the dilution-and-debt-free financial products they deserve.


Fondo is an all-in-one accounting platform for your corporate taxes, tax credits, and bookkeeping.


Morphic is a no-code SaaS platform that is democratizing access to top creative agency offerings via automation, starting with tailored website design, development and recommendations (automated marketing collateral coming soon!)


Built for individuals, teams, institutes, and enterprises, Powtoon is the all-in-one video creation platform that enables professionals to create content that drives real impact.


Workato is the Enterprise Automation Platform for powerful integrations and automations with remarkable ease-of-use.


Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution enabling users to create and send interactive emails using a no-code editor to improve email conversions.


Forecastr is a software platform that makes financial modeling simple for founders.


Spekit is the digital adoption and enablement platform designed to drive the productivity of teams and the adoption of tools by surfacing training, resources and guidance in the moment of need, within the context of any workflow.


Demostack is a demo experience platform for SaaS revenue teams to showcase product in the best possible light, without the hassle.

Want to join the default alive coalition as a tech provider? Drop our team a line!