Weather volatile capital markets with funding from Arc

Based on the macro environment and the recent changes to the funding landscape, we're offering a 25% discount off funding for all software startups.

You're in good hands, hundreds of YC, Accel and TigerGlobal backed-startups have already leveraged an Arc Advance to accelerate their growth and extend their runway.
  • 25% off on funding – All eligible companies receive 25% off any funding amount interest-free. For example, if you draw $1M of funding from Arc, then $250K would be interest-free and only the remaining $750K would have our take-rate applied (2-10% based on your financials). The effect is a 25% reduction in your cost of funding!
  • Early access to Arc Runway – All eligible companies will receive access to Arc Runway, which will enable you to analyze your net cash burn, identify areas of overspend and model out multiple scenarios so you can efficiently deploy your capital.
  • Referral bonus – Refer another company to Arc and receive a $1,000 referral bonus (for you, personally!) and $1,000 for your referred friend once they complete their first Arc Advance!
  • Eligibility – $120K+ ARR, 6+ months runway, 6+ months of operating history with U.S EIN.

We know that the current situation isn't ideal, but Arc is here to help. We can convert your future revenues into upfront capital, so you can extend your runway. Get up to $50M in dilution-and-debt-free funding today.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to the Arc team at

The Arc Advance allows companies to receive upfront capital for future revenue. Illustratively, a company that is approved for a $1 million Arc Advance at a 95 Arc Score (inversely correlated with Arc’s discount) with a 12 month term would receive $1 million today and repay $88k of their future revenue generated each month for the next 12 months ($1,052,632 total). Funding amount, discount, and repayment term vary based on your company’s financial profile.